What is Zaboartistic.com

As a young aspiring artist trying to make my name known and get my work out for the public to see zaboartistic.com gives you a glance at what I have to offer. It's an overview of the different kinds of work I do. From event photography to such as weddings and senior photography to graphic art and painting I have a lot of experience in almost all medium and can accommodate almost any artistic need.

About the artist

From a young age I have always had a passion for art. My grandfather saw that talent that I have and paid for me to take art lessons at the age of 6. I continued with my love for art taking lessons and classes thought my life. I named the site zaboartistic after my grandfather. I owe my devotion and passion for art to him for helping inspire me and showing me to never give up on my passions. I've been painting and drawing in all kinds of mediums for over ten years and can produce a large verity of techniques. I began getting into the photography and graphic arts four years ago when I met a photographer out of Boston. I had the privilege of spending time with him and learning a few tricks of the trade. When he upgraded cameras I was honored that he let me buy his old one off of him and I've been shooting with it ever since. Art is more then just a hobby to me its my heart, life, love and soul. As the great writer Mathew Fox said, "Creativity may be the nearest one word definition we possess for the essence of you humanity for the true meaning of soul". Creativity is where my soul is and art is my way of sharing my soul with the world.